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So I've come to the sad realization that my literary quest for books on 1st generation youth is futile. This comes from the ambiguity with defining what is actually "1st generation", who identifies as this, if it's an acceptable term of identification, etc. Sigh.

Goodish bad news: lost my job(yes!), but it's winter time(shit!)
+ Visiting my family and friends for a week.
+ Filling out forms for school, and knowing what I want to do with my life.
+ Once again the attempt persists with starting yet another 'core band, with Taina(was in anti-product) as either guest or part-time vocalist...yay
+/- I need money, if you have my mailing address, you know what to do
+ My housemates and I get along really well. Even though I dont celebrate this stupid holiday, they thought of me enough to each get me a book:
A Taste of Power by Elaine Brown, former Black Panther Party member
Al-Hajr al-3jeeb The Incredible Stone (ja'at ma3 sharee6)
? the 3rd one my roommate will surprise me with tonight. I'm assuming its a book on being queer in West Africa. !!!

I'm gonna start hooking people up with good web links every time i do an entry.
founded in philly, with locations all over the world, act up's mission is to support hiv/aids victims and inform communities about hiv/aids, through street education outreach, handing out safe-sex materials, putting pressure on pharmeuceutical (sp?) companies, etc. what i love about this organization is it's purely volunteer run, composed of those living with the virus and allies. anyway, check it out.

have a good break kids! goodbye for now, philly.
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give me cartxcore or give me death!

Assata Shakur's name stirs controversy

Ooh, shocking.,2933,236015,00.html

" Yesterday's story from Fox news, it was the top story for a while. Note that they try to make the City College students sound stupid by leaving in all the "likes" and "ums" -- they don't do that with Columbia or NYU students. Note also that City College students have a major consciousness about police brutality, especially again now with Sean Bell's murder. "

Now, I'm sure if there was a "Daniel Faulkner Community Center" or unanimous votes to erect memorials of those guilty of executing repressive, genocidal crimes in history and the present against dark-skinned people (actually wait, those already exist), the media spotlight wouldn't come anywhere near being appalled by those fact, they'd commend them.

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Yo pals,

1.I'll be in Lextown for the holiday break for a week, from the 24th to the 31st. Kashmir, anyone..?! bueller?

2. Does anyone have book or article suggestions on growing up as a 1st generation child? Thanks in advance!
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give me cartxcore or give me death!

goverment issues

give me cartxcore or give me death!

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My friend Kate and I will be saving money to go to N.Africa next summer, hopefully. Her cousin's in town and I've attempted to converse with him in Arabic and he's found no problems with my speech so far. I decided finally that the job I need is to work with refugees and asylees, to listen to their stories and not to push them into assimilation, but through trust learn how they want to define life for themselves. I've started reading about two things related to language- globalization and generational division.

I'm considering seeing a therapist. For so long, I was so critical of patients, visitors, or anybody who's even thought about going to one. But I feel like I have so much embedded stress that I end up scapegoating every individual i see. I'm so tired of the fake smiles, fake actions, and fake sentiment. I just want to be happy! I see myself getting closer to bliss, even though I know life isn't complete without it's difficulties. Maybe I can be in charge of my own management without the "professional" guidance, but it would be supportive to hear life stories and experiences similar to mine. Things are going well in my life right now, I'm just now grasping the maturity I've needed to pick out my faults.

Hey codee, sarah and I are hitting this up a little bit(well, we'll be kicking it outside w/ folks,maybe). I hope you're safe.

give me cartxcore or give me death!

value your life! be mindful of how you treat others'.

I just found out one of my friends died of a heroin overdose last night. A lesson I'm learning more and more as time grows is to resist pushing people further into margins. She had a lot of concealed sadness inside her and opened up to anyone who would listen. No one really attempted to encourage her happiness and many downplayed her misery. R.I.P. Ashley.